On Denying the God of the Bible

Posted: July 10th, 2017 | Author: | Filed under: Articles

When unbelievers deny God, what they are mostly denying is a toned-down version of God. The concept of God gets brought down to a human level who cannot know more, do more, or have any more authority than the skeptic.

Since we cannot conceive of allowing something to happen, then we cannot allow for a God who would permit it. If we do not have the ultimate power of life and death, then we will not allow for a God to have such power. If we do not understand some great difficulties, then we cannot allow for a God who can understand them.

And if there is such a God who does have such power and knowledge, then we cannot believe in Him because He has not explained Himself to us adequately, for if He exists, then surely He must be amenable to us in some way.

These denials then often take the form of some straw-man. God, after He is lowered to the level of an ignorant, foolish, narcissistic brute who is no better than a power-hungry dictator, is thus caricatured and readily dismissed.

What we need to see is that all of these caricatures and denials are not dealing with the God of the Bible. They are dealing with some other version of a god that has been watered down and subsumed under the umbrella of the finite reason of faulty men. Such a god does not exist. That’s right. Such a god does NOT exist. If their version of God is what we are really dealing with, then I will join their ranks. The magical sky fairy is a myth. The flying spaghetti monster does not exist. The bearded sky clown is foolish. Any such version of God does not exist. I won’t defend it.

But that is not the God I believe in or defend. The biblical God has wisdom and knowledge unfathomable to a finite mind. He has the knowledge of perfect justice. Because of who He is, He has the power of life and death, and He can exercise that power in ways that we cannot comprehend.

The problem is that we cannot comprehend the fullness of divine power, knowledge, and authority, but we act like we do get it. Then, thinking we have this God figured out, we make ourselves out to be authoritative enough to put this God under our reason. No wonder such a God gets denied.

Ultimately, no one is in a position to deny the actual God who reveals Himself in Scripture. Think about it. If, in order to deny God, we bring Him under our reason, we fundamentally change who He is, then summarily dismiss this new version of God, then we still haven’t truly denied the God of Scripture. We’ve replaced Him with a false version.

Yet, in order to deny His existence, this is what we must do. I feel no need to defend the God that typical atheists deny, for they are denying a version of God who is far, far less than the true and living, almighty God.

We need reminding of this ourselves, for when we begin to doubt, it is almost certain that what we are doing is downgrading our concept of God in some fashion. What we are doubting is a watered down version of God that does not exist. The answer, then, is to give up the pride we have in our own conceptions of God. We need to quit putting Him in a box. We need let go of thinking that we have understood the One who can do exceedingly far above anything we can ask or think. These lesser concepts don’t even come close to the true God.

The bottom line is this: no one is in a position to deny the true, living God of heaven and earth. No one.

-Doy Moyer